Sunday, November 23, 2008

Before Things Get Crazy...

i thought I'd update the blog w/ some new fall pics before the craziness of the holiday season hits...

october we had halloween. marley -- inspired by our trip to colorado -- was an elk. i also had a mommy milestone this halloween -- making a costume for the first time. i mean actually sewing something with a needle and thread (even if it was just some fur fabric). marley wore that costume four times -- yes, i said four times -- in one month. we attended two halloween parades, had one halloween birthday party, and then went trick-or-treating.

jack's costume got lots of reaction. you can't dress a baby up like pancho villa and not expect reactions.

jack also has had some milestones this fall. the boy -- 10 months old now -- is worming. i'd like to say he's crawling, but he doesn't really get up on all fours. instead, he keeps his tummy to the ground while moving his arms and legs furiously forward. kind of like doing the doggie paddle on dry land. he has become quite efficient with his worming and we're wondering if he'll ever feel the need to crawl. he's also got six teeth now and is pulling himself up whenever he has a chance.

he says "mama" all the time -- especially when he really, really wants something. no "dada" yet, but it's no secret who's his favorite in the house. the minute travis walks in the room, no one else exists. this is actually a nice little switch for me since marley as a baby wanted no one except mommy.

he is a joyful, smiley little guy. really easy to make laugh. but, he's starting to get some spunk. marley's discovering she can't snatch toys away from him anymore...

speaking of marley...after a little adjustment period, she is loving her preschool class. she does apparently have one nemesis, though -- a little girl named sophie. sophie and marley got off to a rough start, apparently butting heads over space in a play tunnel. but, i'm happy to report, it looks like the two girls have resolved their differences and even shared a doll during the last class.

this is the face she makes when she talks about sophie.

marley also got involved in the 2008 presidential elections. she got an "i voted" sticker and even got to stay up late and watch returns.

hangin' with my party peeps...what you said history is unfolding before our eyes?

the past couple of months have also been filled with trips to museums, the zoo (taking an animal class with our buddies scott and mac), and birthday parties.

now we're just gearing up for the holidays AND our big trip to thailand. marley already has so many questions and is so excited about the plane (i think she is the only one excited about the plane).

but, it is football season and you can't really live in this house without getting into some 'skins. so, here marley is...showing the love.

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Erin said...

Hi! My name is Erin. I was doing a search on my family and came across your blog. My maiden name was Vollmerhausen! I just thought it was kind of cool to find your blog. Beautiful kids by the way! Have a good Thanksgiving!